Relentlessly Fighting for Your Rights
    "His knowledge and expertise has definitely kept me calm during these high stress situations"
    Martin has been great to work with. I'm currently battling a DUI case coupled with an accident and Martin has been on top of everything. He keeps me informed throughout the process and answers any questions I may have.
    - Joanne M.
    "Outstanding DUI Attorney and Excellent Results"
    Our family is very thankful for Attorney Martin Caraves. Our daughter was charged with multiple felony DUI counts that included property damage. But that didn't stop Mr. Caraves from providing aggressive representation. At the end of the case, he was able
    - J.G.
    "NO JAIL TIME!!! Bail Reduced 75%!!!"
    Damn, Torres & Caraves Law did a kick ass job on my case. I was facing about 8 felony counts on weapons and drug charges. Attorney's Roseann Torres and Martin Caraves worked together to get most of the felonies dismissed and BEST of all NO JAIL TIME!
    - Ernesto C.
    "The right attorney for you... Trust me."
    Attorney Roseann Torres is one of the most aggressive attorney's I have ever met and it is probably because she was a former prosecutor. She knows the criminal system very well and her confidence was obvious in the court room.
    - Gerardo M.
    "Case Dismissed!!! No jail and no conviction!!! THANK YOU!!!"
    I am blessed to have contacted Torres & Caraves. He is not afraid to fight the DA all the way to get the best outcome in the case. My family thanks you Mr. Caraves. You are a shark!!
    - Paul F.
    "Highly experienced attorneys you can trust!"
    The attorneys at Torres & Caraves are AWESOME!!! Torres & Caraves took my case to trial and we WON!!! They understand how the civil and criminal courts interact so that you get the best outcomes.
    - Martin P.
    "Highly recommended DUI Defense Attorneys - HANDS DOWN!!!"
    He is very technical when it comes to DUI’s. Not only did he get me a great deal but he got my case with the DMV dismissed. I got my license back within a month and no points on my record.
    - Jimmy V.
    "Compassionate and caring legal defense."
    He was very patient and compassionate and answered all my questions. He made time to discuss all my options before trial. I highly recommend Attorney Martin Caraves and trust his work.
    - Debbie M.
    "Mr. Caraves was RELENTLESS in court!!! Thank you!!!"
    He is relentless and I felt confident with him by my side. Mr. Caraves is very knowledgeable and professional and enjoys litigating your case. He always returned my calls within a reasonable time and made the process less stressful.
    - Johnny T.
    "Muchas gracias por su ayuda lo recomiendo al 100."
    Estuve peleando un caso por un año con el abogado martin caraves era un caso muy difícil. De un delito mallor.
    - Jose E.
    "El abogado Martin Caraves es una persona muy profesional con muchos años de experiencia."
    El abogado Martin Caraves es una persona muy profesional con muchos años de experiencia, me explico todo muy bien en lo relacionado a mi caso logrado un muy buen resultado en la corte, estoy muy agradecido muchas gracias abogado Martin. ?? lo recomi
    - Juan O.
    "Los recomiendo y buen cervicio."
    Es un buen abogado penalista gracias por ganar mi caso Martín caraves se los recomiendo y buen cervicio.
    - Jesus V.
    "No lo duden hablen y busquen ayuda una gran ventaja de esta profesional firma es todos son 100% bilingües ."
    Es una firma de abogados que necesita nuestra comunidad; en más de 5 casos han apoyado y tenido éxito con los casos si tienes un DUI, un accidente de cualquier género no duden en buscar en ellos su asesoría y respaldo como aboga
    - Myriam R.
    "Me atendió este abogado muy bien"
    El mes Julio 31 19 me atendió este abogado muy bien y todo le entendi mi caso era que un investigador privado quería mi información y yo tenía mucho miedo y el me ayudó.
    - Fredi L.
    "Que mas se puede pedir? Un servicio muy personalizado y honesto."
    Martin me dijo el primer dia que tuve la entrevista con el........ no se preocupe por nada, yo voy a pelear su caso y olvidese del caso, si necesito algo lo llamo.
    - Gloria C.
    "Law Offices of Torres & Caraves fue la mejor desiciòn que pude haber tomado en mi vida."
    Primero que nada quiero agradecer profundamente por medio de este medio, toda la ayuda brindada por Law Offices of Torres & Caraves. Gracias Abogado Martín Caraves por toda la ayuda que me proporcionaste, gracias por ser tan dedicado y tan profe
    - Miguel L.
    "Gracias a los servicios de estos abogados mis problemas legales an sido resueltos rapida y cencillamente."
    La firma de los abogados Torres y Caraves es un lugar establecido, muy organizado y bien mantenido.
    - Patricia G.
    "He provided our family with clear explanations about the process every step of the way."
    I was particularly impressed by his trial approach and strategy. He made sure that my son was set up for success. I am grateful to Martin because my son was found to be not guilty by the jury.
    - Paulette Smith
    "Not guilty! Not guilty! Not guilty! I am so excited for those two words to be spoken in the courtroom."
    It definitely felt like he had my back and wanted me to win as much as I wanted to win. I highly recommend Mr. Caraves I felt like Mr. Caraves did everything he could to help us win the case. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Great win!
    - Langston W.